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Below is a list of shortcuts available in score listed by scope of usage.


  • Ctrl+Shift+D(Win / Linux) or+Shift+D(Mac): Show Device explorer panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+P(Win / Linux) or+Shift+P(Mac): Show Processes library panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+B(Win / Linux) or+Shift+B(Mac): Show System library panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+L(Win / Linux) or+Shift+L(Mac): Show Project library panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+C(Win / Linux) or+Shift+C(Mac): Show Console panel
  • Ctrl+Shift+G(Win / Linux) or+Shift+G(Mac): Show Messages log panel


  • Suppr/Backspace: Delete selected condition

Device explorer

  • Esc: De-select node


  • , , , : Navigate through the various linked elements on the Timeline
  • Ctrl+Alt+(Win / Linux) or+Alt+(Mac): Go back to parent scenario
  • Ctrl+Alt+U(Win / Linux) or+Alt+U(Mac): Unroll all processes attached to an interval
  • Ctrl+Alt+F(Win / Linux) or+Alt+F(Mac): Fold all processes attached to an interval


  • Suppr/Backspace: Delete selected trigger