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What is score ?

ossia score offers advanced tools to ease the authoring of time exigent projects involving medias: flexible score for a live performance, interactive scenario for an intermedia installation, game-like state machine scenarios, etc. It thus provides a unified place to write automations for the parameters of the devices involved in the project, provides means to author efficient mappings from device A to device B or to modulate some devices parameters using generative processes and so on.

Advanced time sequencing environment

When having to author scenarios for interactive art, music and sound performances, one often has to rely on two approaches:

  • DAW / timeline-based software offering tools for fine time editing and parameters automation
  • cue-based software offering great flexibility in live situation

While both approaches have numerous advantages, they also draw some limits in some advanced media-based productions: First type hardly offers (if any) flexibility in live situation regarding how events actually evolve in time. Second type makes it hard if possible at all to control precisely processes evolving over time.

score thus aims at bridging the gap between these two models in a unified environment. By combining a flexible timeline with a patch-like authoring process, it allows to write precisely timed processes such as automations or more fancy parameters control and modulation while still maintaining some variations as the scenario is executed. But it also allows authoring open and non-linear scenarios yet still including some time-dependent processes.

score scenario


ossia score aims to fully integrate with the favorite tools of artists and musicians involved in advanced media authoring.

It allows to remotely control various commercial or custom software and hardware as well as to work with audio or video medias right from the app.

While score itself offers some audio and video features, it does not aim at being an “All in one” super software (hence forcing intermedia authors to give up their personal toolset expertise). On the contrary, score was built from the ground up to be as interoperable as possible. Users remain thus free to use their tools of choice, be it their favorite VJing software, custom audio synthesis app or any specialized toolset.

score main window

score 3.0.0 supports a number of protocols such as MIDI, Open Sound Control, OSCQuery or serial port making it easy to use score as the central hub of a project and thus author fine relationships between medias.