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Pattern matching

It is possible to control a set of addresses with pattern matching.

For instance, given the following OSC device:

An OSC device with repeated parameters

It is possible to send an automation to


to control all the levels with a single curve.

The complete reference of the supported pattern matching syntax is available here.


  • device:/foo/bar
    • Matches device:/foo/bar and nothing else
  • device:/foo/bar*
    • Matches device:/foo/bar, device:/foo/bar.100, device:/foo/baron
  • device:/{foo,boo}/bar
    • Matches device:/foo/bar, device:/boo/bar
  • device:/foo.{5..23}
    • Matches device:/foo.5, device:/foo.6, … to device:/foo.23
    • Won’t match device:/foo.230
  • device:/foo.{5..23..7}
    • Matches device:/foo.5, device:/foo.12, foo.17
  • device:/foo[a-z]
    • Matches device:/fooa, device:/foob, … device:/fooz
  • device:/foo[1-5]
    • Matches device:/foo1, device:/foo2, … device:/foo5
  • device://bar
    • Matches device:/foo/bar, device:/foo/bar.123/bar, etc.
  • device://bob/../foo
    • Given device:/foo/bob and device:/foo/bar.123/bob, matches device:/foo
  • device:/foo!
    • Matches device:/foo, device:/foo.1, device:/foo.123, device:/foo.bob