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The Smooth process can be used to tame a noisy input stream, coming from a very sensitive sensor for example. The output of this process may be more usable than the raw stream to control other parameters.


This setting will keep smoothing the signal at a regular rate even if there is no input, by assuming that the last input value is being continuously fed in. This allows to transform a signal with a slow data rate, for instance with a new value every two seconds, into a smooth control signal.


0 applies the least amount of filtering, 1 the most.


There are 4 different filters available:

  • OneEuro for the 1€ filter.
  • LowPass that only uses the low pass implementation from the one euro filter.
  • Average for a floating average.
  • Median for a floating median.

Freq (1e/LP)

Minimum cutoff frequency for OneEuro and LowPass, between 0 and 300.

Cutoff (1e/LP)

Cutoff frequency of the derivative for OneEuro and LowPass, between 0 and 10.

Beta (1e only)

Cutoff slope for OneEuro, between 0 and 10.