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The video process allows to play a video.

Video decoding is done with the help of the GPU as far as possible, e.g. for YUV420P or HAP data. Most common codecs and pixel formats are supported ; we use FFMPEG for decoding plus the HAP library by Vidvox for HAP videos.

If you plan to scrub in the video, it is important to use the HAP codec ; other video codecs make scrubbing very slow (in the worst case, the entire video may have to be read from the beginning when scrubbing !).


  • Drag’n’drop the video from the user library or file explorer.

  • Videos loop by default ; otherwise a black screen would be shown when reaching the end.

The simplest way to play a video is as follows:

See the example:

Note that for now the sound tracks contained in video files are not handled; this will be done in a later version.