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Integrating with Blender

It is possible to control most properties of a Blender project’s nodal system through the NodeOSC addon, available from here:


  1. Download the NodeOSC add-on’s last version (this has been tested with version 2.4.0)

  2. Install it in blender: Edit > Preferences> Add-ons > Install (top-right button) and enable it by checking its checkmark:


  1. Check that it is activated in the drop-down here:



The complete documentation of NodeOSC is available at this link.

If you simply aim to control a node setting through OSC, here is how you can do it:

  1. Open your material in the Nodes editor of Blender:

Material 1

  1. Select the parameter you aim to control over OSC, right-click on it and select “Copy full data path”.

Material 2

  1. In the NodeOSC panel (if it is hidden, enable it through the little arrow on the left of the object tree), select “Create new message handler”:

Material 3

  1. Paste the data path you copied in the “datapath” field.

Material 4

  1. Set the OSC address you want in the first field and toggle “Start”.

Material 5

  1. From score, you can now send OSC messages to this address: first add a matching OSC device:

Score 1

  1. Then add a matching OSC address:

Score 2

And from now on, changes to blender:/lightness in score will apply in teal-time to Blender!