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This plug-in simply multiplies its input audio by a gain value.



This plug-in outputs a metronome sound, based on the time signature of its parent interval.

The metronome sounds used can be changed: they are in the user library, in the folder “Util” ; the process looks for files named metro_tick.wav and metro_tock.wav.

The second outlet outputs an impulse on each tick.

Stereo merger


This process combines stereo audio signal from N inlets, into one outlet whose channels correspond to the inputs’s channels one after each other (mono input channels are duplicated ; no input means silence on the output).

That is, in the example below, the output of the Merger process will be a 4-channel signal with:

  • Channel 0, 1: the audio generator (originally mono).
  • Channel 2, 3: the drum loop.

Merger example