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Devices are pieces of equipment you want to use with score in your creative project. These can be hardware (a Midi controller, a synthesizer) or software running locally or on the network.

Device explorer

The device explorer is the left panel. This is where devices involved in your project can be set up, browsed or monitored.

Graph inspector

The Graph inspector available in score’s top right panel allows to inspect a temporal object and its context. For example, select an interval on the scenario to list all attached processes.


Some block of time in the scenario.


A process is an action used in the scenario to control some devices’ parameter or other processes’ parameters. score includes a number of processes such as breakpoint function-based automation, sub-scenarios, LFO or modulators or custom scripts.

Processes explorer

The processes explorer is accessible at the left panel in score main window. This is where you can browse and select some processes to use in your scenario.

Project folder

This is where you can browse the content of the current project.






User library

The User library can be accessed in the left panel in score main window. It can contains various uer defined components such as devices setups, processes, presets.