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What are devices ?

Devices are pieces of software or hardware used in your project to be controlled from score or used as input for your score scenario.

Score currently support the following devices types:

OSCQueryMapperMidi inHTTPArtnetAudioWindow
OSCLocalMidi outWS  Camera
Minuit Serial    

Setting up devices

From score main window, right-click in the Device explorer on the left of window and choose Add device from the Device explorer contextual menu. This brings score’s device setup window.

Device setup window

In the Device setup window, in the left column, select the desired device type.

Each device type has its setup panel depending of the used protocol. Please see the relevant device reference page to setup your device.

Rate limiting

Device explorer


  • Show: Ctrl+Shift+D(Win / Linux) or+Shift+D(Mac)
  • Esc: deselect node


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