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Faust is a domain-specific programming language, tailored for writing digital signal processing code, for instance audio effects and synthesizers, super easily.

It is mainly developed at Grame, with an international community of contributors.

Faust DSP files can be drag’n’dropped directly inside a score. This will compile the DSP and embed it as a signal processor in the score. Additionally, any .dsp file found recursively in the library folder will be detected and added under the Faust section in the process library.

Faust code can be edited directly from within the user interface, by clicking on the small “window” icon on the node header. One must press “Compile” when the code is ready to update it to the audio engine.

Important links

Video tutorial

Faust packages

It is possible to provide new Faust libraries as score packages.

This is done for instance with Alain Bonardi’s abclib which is packaged here : most importantly, the library folder in such a package will be added to the Faust library path so that new functions can be provided.