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Data processing

score provides a set of facilities to process, filter and route sensor data, through various objects implementing useful behaviours.

List of useful objects

Most of the objects useful for data mapping are in the process library, in the Control > Mappings and Control > Data Processing categories.

Creating a data processing pipeline from a sensor to an object.

The architecture of such projects generally involve:

  • Input sensors.
  • Outputs (sound, video, or various embedded or electronical devices)
  • A score which defines how the inputs map to the outputs over time.

The inputs and outputs will be represented as devices in the Device explorer:

Input and output devices

The score can then map inputs to outputs, for instance through a Mapping curve which can be dropped inside the score. Do not forget to hit “Play” for the mapping to start! And remember: the box has to be connected to the start of the score for the mapping to run. To have mappings that run permanently, add a trigger to the end of the box which contains the mappings.

The inputs and outputs of the mapping curve can be adjusted by dropping the addresses on the ports from the explorer: