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  • Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+C(Win / Linux) or+Shift+C(Mac)


// Creates an OSC device named foo. Messages will be sent from score to
// Score will listen to messages on port 1234.
Score.createOSCDevice("foo", "", 5678, 1234);

// Creates an OSC address on the device foo, named /bar/baz. It will receive color.rgba types.
// All the usual ossia unit names are accessible,
// as well as useful names such as the ones found in [addresses](addresses doc)
Score.createAddress("foo:/bar/baz", "color.rgba");

// Finds an object in the current score.
// The name is the object name, put in the inspector
var myObject = Score.find("the object name");

// Creates an automation. The first argument must be a valid pointer to an interval
// found by Score.find(...).
Score.automate(myInterval, "foo:/my/address");

// Undo-redo

// Transport;