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Automations are a specific kind of score Processes, which will change the value of a parameter in time according to a visual curve.

Automation types

Creating automations

It is possible to create automations in various ways besides dropping an automation process from the Library:

  • By drag’n’dropping a parameter from the Device explorer to the score.
  • By using the Interpolate States feature.
  • By right-clicking on a value (green) port and pressing the “Create Automation” button.


Automations can be tweened: that is, instead of starting from a fixed value, the automation can instead ramp from the current value of the parameter it is automating, in order to allow for smooth transitions. Check the inspector to enable the feature.


Automations can use the ossia address and unit system.


It is possible to Recording messages from external devices as automations.

See also the Score preferences for various options concerning the way these automations are recorded.