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Art-Net device

Device setup window

It is possible to communicate through DMX with ossia score, in order to control and automate light fixtures.

The user library contains a built-in fixture library that can be added. The fixture library is based on Open Fixture Library and uses the same JSON format.

Device setup window

If no fixtures are added, then the device will instead provide the 512 raw DMX channels.

Otherwise, each fixture will appear as a node of the device.

Custom fixtures

It is possible to add your custom fixtures, following the OFL format in the user library. To do so:

  • Create a fixtures folder somewhere.
  • Inside it, add a manufacturers.json file with the fixture brands you want to add.

For instance:

  "$schema": "",
  "my_custom_fixtures": {
    "name": "My custom fixtures"
  • Create a subfolder my_custom_fixtures
  • Add your fixtures JSON files to the folder.