• ossia score 3 beta

    Dev • Aug 17, 2021 • Jean-Michaël Celerier

    Introducing ossia score 3

  • Achieving generic bliss with reflection in modern C++

    Dev • Jul 22, 2021 • Jean-Michaël Celerier

    Reflection is often presented as a feature that makes software harder to understand. In this article, I will present ways to approximate some level of static reflection in pure C++, thanks to C++17 and C++20 features, show how that tool can considerably simplify a class of programs and libraries, and more generally enable ontologies to be specified and implemented in code.

  • Summer internships

    Community • Jun 25, 2021 • Jean-Michaël

    Summer internships in

  • Creating ossia score add-ons

    Dev • Jun 7, 2021 • Jean-Michaël


  • ossia score in the Phonemacore project

    News • Jun 15, 2019 • Jean-Michaël

  • Open Bidouille Camp

    News • Dec 8, 2018 • Jean-Michaël

    We were present to make a small demonstration of ossia this afternoon at Open Bidouille Camp in Bordeaux. We showed robot controls, real-time audio effects and Kinect integration.

  • Version 0.3 development sprint

    Dev • Mar 27, 2014 • Julien

    Most of the i-score core developers are currently running a development sprint at GMEA – Centre National de Création Musicale d’Albi-Tarn for the OSSIA (Open Scenario System for Interactive Application) project. They have been doing a great job putting together a solid basis as i-score moves toward version 0.3.

  • User experience workshop

    News • Mar 15, 2014 • Julien

    Le chant du filament from NICOLAS VILLENAVE on Vimeo.

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ossia score 3 beta Achieving generic bliss with reflection in modern C++ Creating ossia score add-ons Version 0.3 development sprint


ossia score in the Phonemacore project Open Bidouille Camp User experience workshop