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What is ossia score ?


An intermedia sequencer

Sequence various kinds of media in an intelligent timeline:

  • Playback most audio formats, with support for multichannel
  • H.264 and HAP video playback, with a state-of-the art cross-platform video & shader pipeline
  • Send & receive OSC, MIDI, DMX or directly talk through HTTP or a serial port
  • Control IoT systems with CoAP, MQTT and BLE support

Advanced interaction facilities

A sequencer built for interactive shows:

  • Trigger any part of the score upon external conditions or hardware controls
  • Use conditions to create branching scores visually
  • Control and get controlled through any external devices and protocols with a streamlined user interface


A scriptable, open software

Multiple programming languages are embedded in ossia score:

  • Livecode with JavaScript directly in the score for advanced mappings, or create device mapping scripts
  • Create blazing fast audio processors with Faust
  • Extend any part of the software through the C++ API
  • Write simple math expressions for quick control

Mixed modular & timeline workflow

Connect processes in a modular way directly from its timeline:

  • Switch between timeline and nodal view at any point to edit processes more precisely
  • Create state-machine-like scores for atemporal scenarios
  • Nest and group without depth limit


Supported protocols

  • These protocols are implemented behind a common interface in libossia.
  • Any app using libossia can thus benefit from their support, bridge them, etc.
  • These protocols are available under a simple UI in ossia score

Compatible environments

You can use your favorite creative coding language with ossia:

  • Either through traditional OSC connection
  • Or through the more advanced OSCQuery protocol
  • Or through direct integration of libossia