Genuary 2022 with ossia score


Genuary is an initiative about encouraging creation of generative art thanks to a new oblique-strategiesque prompt every day of January.

This year, I set myself the objective of doing the daily prompts with score, and use it as an opportunity to showcase a few features, find some bugs, and try to find what is lacking in terms of generative abilities.

Here are all the videos so far (which started on Vimeo and swiftly moved to Youtube when I ran out of space).

The scores are accessible on Github. Some may require specific VST, LV2 or JSFX plug-ins.

JAN.1 (credit: Michael Lowe)

Draw 10,000 of something.

JAN.2 (credit: Anna Lucia)


JAN.3 (credit: Lionel Radisson)


JAN.4 (credit: Alexis André)

The next next Fidenza.

JAN.5 (credit: Thomas Lin Pedersen)

Destroy a square.

JAN.6 (credit: Alex Naka)

Trade styles with a friend.

JAN.7 (credit: Roni Kaufman)

Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing.

JAN.8 (credit: Bruce Holmer)

Single curve only.

JAN.9 (credit: Lionel Radisson)


JAN.10 (credit: Roni Kaufman)

Machine learning, wrong answers only.

JAN.11 (credit: Lionel Radisson)

No computer.

JAN.12 (credit: Richard Vigniel)

Packing (squares, circles, any shape…)

JAN.13 (credit: Ben Kovach)


JAN.14 (credit: Devi Parikh)

Something you’d never make.

JAN.15 (credit: Thomas Lin Pedersen)