ossia score in the Phonemacore project

This year, in june, the band Phonema joined the SCRIME for one week of musical experimentation. The goal was to see how well ossia score would adapt to more traditional beat-based music, and establish a list of features required for future developments.

The idea of the project is to study how metal music can be made more interactive. In this case, a video game was developed: what the player does in the video game, the paths they choose as well as their score, directly influences which parts of the songs the musicians will be playing. Likewise, what the musician plays influence what happens in the game.

The score used for the song. All the parts of the song are put inside a loop. When reaching approximately one bar before the end of a part, the game will display three portals. Depending on which portal the player with the gamepad choses, the loop will move on to the chosen part and trigger environmental changes in the game level.