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Download ossia score v3.2.0

Released on May 26, 2024

Microsoft Store Windows macOS 10.15 and later (Intel) macOS 11 and later (AppleSilicon / M1 etc.) Linux Raspberry Pi (64-bit)

Take a look at the change log for the latest release information and additional downloads !

All Supported platforms

The releases are 64-bit on all desktop operating systems and for Raspberry Pi.

All platforms

Minimal requirements

  • 800 MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM (but you won't make very large scores).
  • For graphics, a GPU which supports at least OpenGL 3.2, Vulkan, Direct3D11 or Metal.


  • Recommended: Windows 10. Must be at least Windows 7 with all system updates installed.
  • score and *libossia* use Bonjour for the OSCQuery automatic discovery feature. This means that on Windows, you must install the Bonjour Print Services for this to work.


Must be at least Catalina (10.15) on Intel, 11.0 on ARM / AppleSilicon / M1 etc.. The latest version to support back to macOS 10.13 High Sierra is 3.1.8, downloadable here.

Linux (Desktop)

To integrate the AppImage into your system, please follow:

All Linux distributions from at least mid-2018 should be supported:
  • The packages are built on CentOS 8.
  • Ubuntu 18.10+
  • Debian Buster (10) / Bullseye (11) / ...
  • Fedora 29+
  • Your system must have at least glibc-2.28, as well as X11, ALSA, libGL, librt, libdbus, libGL, libEGL. Those packages are present on any relevant desktop distribution ; if you use Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, ArchLinux or anything like those it will work fine.
  • Either JACK or Pipewire for audio, and Avahi for Bonjour support are recommended.
  • libbluez may be necessary to use Wiimotes (which go through Bluetooth).
  • Wayland support is still experimental, in particular on GNOME-based desktops.

Ubuntu >= 22.04

Important note for Ubuntu: *fuse2* must be installed as it is necessary for running AppImages:
sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt install fuse2

Linux (Raspberry Pi, embedded...)

Read the documentation before running score on a Pi.

Source code

The source code for the latest release can be downloaded from here: