Download the latest alpha release ossia score v3.0.0-a34:

Windows 10 Mac OS
10.13 and later

See the change log for the latest release.

Supported platforms

The releases are 64-bit on all operating systems.

  • Windows: must be at least Windows 10.
  • macOS: must be at least High Sierra (10.13).
  • All Linux distributions from at least 2015-era should be supported.
    • The packages are built on CentOS 7.
    • Your system must have at least glibc-2.17, as well as X11, ALSA, libGL, librt, libdbus.
    • JACK and Avahi are recommended.

Optional dependencies

score and libossia use Bonjour for the OSCQuery automatic discovery feature.

This means that on Windows, you must install the Bonjour Print Services for this to work.

On Linux, you must be running Avahi (if you are using a common distribution, such as Ubuntu or Fedora it is likely already the case).

Additionally, on Linux, libbluez may be necessary to use Wiimotes (which go through Bluetooth).

Source code

The source code for the latest release can be downloaded from here:

Stable version

The latest stable version is 2.5.2 - it won’t be updated anymore however. Due to substantial changes to the software the save files are not importable yet in the 3.0 branch.