Download the latest alpha release ossia score v3.0.0-a18:

Windows 10 Mac OS
10.14, 10.15

See the change log for the latest release.

Supported platforms

The releases are 64-bit on all operating systems.

  • Windows: must be at least Windows 10.
  • macOS: must be at least Mojave (10.14).
  • All Linux distributions from at least 2015-era should be supported.
    • The packages are built on CentOS 7
    • Your system must have at least glibc-2.17, as well as X11, ALSA, libGL, librt, libdbus.
    • libavahi is required at runtime for Zeroconf support.
    • libbluez is necessary to use Wiimotes (which go through Bluetooth).

Source code

The source code for the latest release can be downloaded from here:

Stable version

The latest stable version is 2.5.2 - it won’t be updated anymore however. Due to substantial changes to the software the save files are not importable yet in the 3.0 branch.