score and libossia are specified, developed, documented and tested by a team of collaborators, that has been growing over the years.

Each of us is somehow a different mix between an artist and an developer, and we are all passionate about creating tools for improving our creative workflows, and sharing those with others.

The current core team is composed of:

  • Jean-Michaël Celerier: Lead developer and software architect
  • Antoine Villeret: libossia (ossia-pd/max and more) and score developer
  • Pia Baltazar: Coordination, specifications and some user interface design
  • Julien Rabin: Documentation, specifications and some user interface design
  • Akané Lévy: Graphic, website and user interface design, initial ofxOssia development
  • Thibaud Keller: ossia-superCollider, development, user feedback and more
  • Pierre Cochard: ossia-superCollider development, user feedback & beta-test,
  • Thomas Pachoud: Specifications, user feedback & beta-test, ofxOssia development
  • Renaud Rubiano: ossia-python specifications, user feedback & beta-test

We owe a lot to previous developers, notably:

  • Théo De La Hogue: ossia-python development, and previous OSSIA API development
  • Nicolas Vuaille, LaBRI: Graphical interface development
  • Clément Bossut, LaBRI: OSSIA API specification

And also to the initiators of the Virage/i-score sequencers:

  • Myriam Desainte-Catherine, LaBRI: Scientific advising
  • Jean-Michel Couturier, Magnolya Roy, Blue Yeti: graphical interface design

Many individuals and structures have supported the project along its various mutations and incarnations. It’s impossible to cite them all, but we’re very grateful to them! Among them: Georges Gagneré, ; Thierry Besche, GMEA ; Yves Bernard, iMal…