Musical metrics

Musical metrics are hierarchic

  • the tempo, and musical position in an interval is either relative to this interval (if the 4/4 button in the inspector is pressed) or it’s taking the musical information from its closest parent (recursively).

This means that it is possible to have polyrythmic scores. The musical signature changes can be controlled by going into the children intervals in full view.


Likewise, by default the tempo is the global one. It is possible to add a tempo curve to an interval to give it a different speed behaviour - its children will all take this tempo unless another more precise tempo is given at a deeper nesting level.


  • Processes which are able to use tempo & metrics information (audio plug-ins, LFO, arpeggiator, etc) will do so automatically
  • Triggers can be quantified to fall on the next quantification date from when they are triggered.