Current version is 1.0 alpha


The 1.0 version is the concretization of the last year of effort in the project.
Thanks to a from-scratch rewrite, the software has been highly modularized, and now offers the following features :

  • Undo-redo
  • Restore on crash
  • Various plug-in APIs
  • Loops, mappings, JavaScript processes
  • Arbitrary hierarchy
  • Complete conditional branching and triggering
  • A new dark blue theme

The 1.0 version is currently in alpha-stage. Release is aimed for mid-2016.


Thanks again to the OSSIA project, a research effort will be carried on from early-2014 to 2015 in order to implement logic scenarios in i-score. This will include:

  • Support for looping boxes and (sub-)scenarios
  • Better graphic support for the conditional branching
  • Multi-user support
  • Framework for the future support of “plug-in” boxes:
    • Mapping boxes (for several one-to-one mappings between remote parameters)
    • Generic boxes and SDK for third-party boxes (e.g. audio boxes using JamomaAudioGraph, video/openGL boxes using QuartzComposer, etc…)

0.3 alpha is planned to be released mid-2015. Beta and release versions should follow in the next months.



Thanks to the OSSIA research project, some services of i-score have been improved by implementing the Jamoma Modular framework into libIscore, and a dedicated framework for Interactive scores management

This allows some new features and improvements :

  • Better devices/namespace support, including:
    • better devices configuration and automatic discovery
    • devices’ parameters’ attributes support (including range, type, etc….)
    • better curve management
    • recording of performance actions as curves
    • declaration and management of i-score’s boxes parameters (such as speed, trigger points….)
  • Initial support of the conditional branching


Initial version, including (as of 0.1-alpha1 – december 12):

  • Linear edition (no loops, no branching)
  • One static Minuit device only (MinuitDevice1)
  • Simple curves (no range editing)
  • Nested scenarios (hierarchy) support
  • Simple playing (unfinished GOTO function)

Several incremental alpha versions, have been released along the way, including:

  • Plain OSC support
  • Minuit devices configuration
  • Several interface improvements