Jean-Michaël Celerier
Lead developer. A freelance researcher, interested in art, code, computer music and interactive show control.
Pia Baltazar
An intermedia composer, in particular in The Baltazars duo. She is the coordinator of the ossia collective and has been involved in the i-score (interactive scores) research project since 2006. Through this she contributed to the visual syntax and interaction design of score. She has also contributed to the specification design of the libossia namespace model.
Thibaud Keller
Preacher, workshop conductor, creator of ossia-sclang Quark. He gives workshops, conduct residencies and collect user experiences focused on score and the ossia environnement.
Akané Lévy
UI designer, website graphic designer and sometimes developer.
Jaime Arias
CNRS research engineer interested in applying formal methods to interactive multimedia.
Full-time mascot. Interested in the design of time and space.


Ashley Obscura
Ashley Obscura is a multidisciplinary poet, writer and publisher. She is the founder and managing editor of Metatron Press, the author of Ambient Technology and I Am Here, and the scriptwriter of experimental video games Oceanarium, Songs of the Lost, and Museum of Symmetry.
Navid Navab
A media alchemist, multidisciplinary composer, audiovisual sculptor, phono-menologist, perSonifier, gestureBender, and interdisciplinary artist-researcher. Interested in the poetics of schizophonia, gesture, materiality, and embodiment, his work investigates the transmutation of matter and the enrichment of its inherent performative qualities.