Keyboard shortcuts

Here is a reference of the keyboard shortcuts used in i-score.

Tools and modes

Action Example macOS Linux / Windows Description
Create tool c c The next action will create an element instead of selecting
Select tool s s Allows to select elements in the score
Play tool p p Will play from the clicked point
Sequence mode Shift While in the creation tool, this enforce the alignment of the next element with the current one, and may create automations to continue the previous processes
Scale mode ⌥+S Alt+S Scales processes recursively when moving elements in a scenario
Grow mode ⌥+D Alt+D Keeps the current durations and just increase the overall duration if the process has a notion of time


Action Example macOS Linux / Windows Description
Play Spacebar Spacebar Play from the beginning or resume
Stop Return Return Stops the execution
Reinitialize ⌘ + Return Ctrl + Return Stops the execution, then launches the first state of the whole document


Action Example macOS Linux / Windows Description
Remove elements Backspace Remove the selected elements from the score
Clear contents Del Remove the processes inside the constraints, and the data inside the states
Merge TimeNodes Shift + M Shift + M When multiple TimeNodes are selected, they will be merged together to allow for synchronization of elements
Interpolate states ⌘ + K Ctrl + K Create automations and interpolations going from the data in the first state of a constraint to the data in the last state of the selected constraint, for each constraint selected
Create curves ⌘ + J Ctrl + J Create automations and interpolations in the selected constraints, according to the nodes currently selected in the Device Explorer.
Snapshot ⌘ + L Ctrl + L Put the data selected in the Device Explorer, in the selected states in the scenario.
Refresh states ⌘ + L Ctrl + L For the selected states, replace the current messages