About score


ossia score is based on more than 15 years of research at LaBRI.

It currently uses the OSSIA lib, which is a reimplementation of the Score engine.
score’s interface is largely inspired by the Virage sequencer, developed by Henry Bernard at Blue Yeti during the Virage project, with input and feedback from the whole research team. It was before based on the libIscore engine, developed at LaBRI by Raphaël Marczak, on the basis of Antoine Allombert’s PhD thesis.

Below is a hierarchy graphs of all of score’s ancestors and dependencies:

Héritage i-score 1.0



ossia score is distributed under the terms of the CeCILL license.
It is compatible with the the GPLv3.


ossia score development has been supported by the following organisms :

There was support from the French National Agency for Research, during the OSSIA project.